BizX Pay makes it much easier for buyers to pay you for your goods or services. 


By default, all members are NOT ENROLLED in BizX Pay. Depending on how many points of sale your business has, you might decide to enroll or not to enroll in BizX Pay.  Here are a few scenarios.

1. Single point of sale. Imagine you are a lawyer. Enrolling in BizX Pay makes sense. After a meeting with your client, they find you via mobile app and pays you immediately - simple and easy. You receive a confirmation email, showing that your BizX dollars are now available in your account. 

2. Multiple points of sale. Let’s say you own a restaurant with several bars and over 20 servers working simultaneously. Using BizX Pay feature in this situation is complex, as every server would need access to your BizX email to check confirmations for sent payments. The simplest scenario here would be to accept the BizX.

3. If my business has multiple points of sale, can I still enroll in BizX Pay?  In some cases, BizX Pay may make sense.  For example, a plumber with several team members working daily at different locations, with one coordinator.  The field team members are easily able to connect with their coordinator to ensure payment has been received via email on completion of the work.

If you have questions about whether the BizX Pay feature is right for you, we are here to help. Call us or send an email to  We are standing by!