It's our goal to give you all the tools to help you set up and maintain your BizX Marketplace Store - this is where you create the "buzz" about what you offer within the BizX community. Now that you're working to create your listings or offers, it's important to remember that one of the requirements is that you include up to 5 (minimum of 2) high resolution, images for each listing or offer. That isn't always as easy as it sounds, and if you have photo editing software already, that's great. If not, there's a free online tool to help. Here's some instructions on how to use Pixlr to re-size and clean up your photos so your offers really stand out.

  • Open Pixlr in any internet browser and click on Pixlr Editor Launch Web App
  • Choose the option "Open Image From Computer" or other applicable option if you need to fetch it from a different location
  • Select the image you want to manipulate, then click "Open" file
  • The image will now open in Pixlr and is ready for you to edit it
  • From the menu options at the upper left side of the page, click on Image, then scroll down to Image Size
  • The pop up will display showing you the current width and height of the photo. These numbers can be changed by clearing the current numbers, and entering new ones of at least 320 x 320. When you're satisfied with the size, click OK
  • Now save the photo by choosing File from the upper left corner, then Save
  • Name your file and select "OK"

You can use this editing tool to crop the photos and make other edits as well. The result should be a clear, crisp photo that will get you noticed!

If you need help with this program, there's some great online tutorials available, and of course, you can always reach out to Member Care -