The due date for fees owing is the 10th of  every month. We charge fees every month in US dollars. You can also find your due date you on your monthly statement: 

Question: When do I get my statement?

Answer: We will send your monthly statement on the first day of each month.

Question: I am enrolled in Auto Pay, when are fees charged?
Answer: In this case you credit card will be charged automatically. Please make sure you have enough funds on your account and your Auto Pay information is up to date

Question: I don't use Auto Pay. How does the due date impact me?
Answer: Auto Pay is a requirement for all BizX members.

Question: Can I pay my fees early?

Answer: Yes!  You can pay your fees at any time.  From the transaction tab, click on "Pay Fees" and follow the prompts on the screen.  Please note, that fees not paid by the 10th of each month are considered late and may incur late charges.

Question: How do I enroll in Auto Pay?
Answer: To update your credit card or ACH information, log into your BizX account at, hover over your name to bring up "Your Account", and click on "Manage Autopay".  Follow the on-screen prompts to enter new credit card or electronic check payment information and then hit the blue "Confirm" button.  You can also call our accounting department at 425-998-5055 and we can assist you over the phone.