BizX is a business solution.  BizX is a resource to help grow your business with new and incremental sales locally and around the world.   

We're a trusted community of businesses that buy and sell their products and services one another without using cash. Instead, they use the BizX dollars.

The main benefits of being a BizX Member include:

  • Save Cash - Convert your business products and services into BizX trade dollars that work like cash, to purchase needed items such as advertising, printing, legal and accounting services, employee incentives, website and internet services, restaurant maintenance and equipment, vehicle wraps and fleet maintenance. That’s just a start!
  • Attract New Customers - Gain exposure to thousands of dollars in new business with no additional marketing or advertising cost. By being a member of an active trading community marketing and advertising is a natural byproduct!
  • Move Excess Inventory - Instead of taking costly markdowns to make room for new products, use BizX to sell your excess inventory at full value. Excess inventory is everywhere: sports, theater and movie venues, hotels, restaurants and advertising (billboard, radio and TV).
  • Increase Sales - Grow your revenue with thousands of new and interested customers who are actively buying and selling on the BizX Marketplace and throughout the BizX Community.
  • Share in the power of Community - Build lasting business relationships as peers, suppliers and customers.  Leverage the community to open new markets, gain new customers and build loyalty!