Get acquainted with the BizX Marketplace. The Marketplace is the key to unlocking the bounty of the BizX chest. The Marketplace is full of offers, products, services and gift cards from the thousands of BizX members within the network. BizX works very hard to continually showcase the newest and hottest items right on the Marketplace homepage so you’re always up-to-date with what’s being offered.

Aside from the Marketplace, BizX uses Facebook, Twitter and weekly emails to keep our members updated and engaged. If you are still having trouble finding what you want within the network then let us know by shooting us an email or giving us a call! BizX loves hearing about members experiences and finding out what they want in the network! If it’s not currently available, we will go out and find it for you! If you have a particular business in mind, BizX would love to pursue them for you to try and bring them within the network!