IRTA, the International Reciprocal Trade Association, is a trade group representing the worldwide barter industry and was created to govern member exchanges internationally. 

IRTA was founded in 1979 to advance the barter industry worldwide, raise the value of barter to the business community and economy and to uphold high standards of ethical business practices. IRTA is recognized as an industry spokesman and watchdog and requires that all member exchanges adhere to an established self-regulating process and code of ethics to sustain an ethical climate and to build public and business confidence in the barter industry. 

Currently, IRTA is partnering with the IRS to “design, develop, and deliver educational products and services that meet the diverse needs of the Bartering Community” and “to provide customer focused products, services, and assistance to educate customers and help them meet their taxpayer obligations.”

BizX has been an IRTA member since its inception. Members of BizX management have served on the IRTA board and currently serve on the Universal Currency Committee. Many members of the BizX Management team have been recognized as leaders in the barter industry through various awards and recognition.