The classified listing section will allow you to sell one time or limited edition offers.  This gives you an opportunity to sell items that are outside your current business model.

Check out the video!

For those of us who like written instructions:

Before getting started you will need the following

  • Up to 5 high resolution images of your offer
  • Minimum size for images is 520 x 520 pixels
  • Your offer price, including tax
  • A detailed offer description

Once that is gathered, mouse over to "My Business", click on "My Marketplace Offers", and click the button on the top right "Add Marketplace" and finally "Create a Classified".

  1. Create a Classified Title
  2. Create a Classified Description
  3. Enter the Price of the item
  4. Select your Category
  5. Add Photos to the Media section
  6. Select a point of contact and what information you want to be shown on the offer
  7. Select what markets this will be shown to
  8. Save as a Draft of Submit

That's it!  You are on your way to becoming a Super Member!  If you need assistance at any time, please contact and we will help you out.