The mobile app will be your primary new-customer acquisition channel within the BizX network, so it is important to ensure that your information is current and correct.

To show up in the app, you need to set up your store at the Marketplace and have at least one approved Marketplace offer, associated with every store location you want to promote via the app. 

Here is an example of how your store should be organized in the app:

1. Photos & Description:  All store locations will have same photos and description, which are pulled from your store page. Photos are pulled from Google as well.

2. Name & Address:  Every store location can have its own name and address. To add / edit your store location name and address, log into your Marketplace account, go to “My Store” page, and add / edit store locations.

3. BizX Pay: the pay feature allows members to pay one another with just one click. Learn more about BizX Pay here.

4. All Locations Listed: If your business has multiple locations, the user can click on this icon and see all locations on the map.

5. Flag:  This icon was designed to help our members report any issues or concerns they have about your business.  More details about Flag you can find here.

6. Ratings and Reviews:  If you have an offer on the Marketplace associated with your store location that was rated by our members, the rating will show up in your store location pages in the app. Learn more about BizX Rating.

7. Accepting the BizX Card: Accepting the BizX Card means members can use their BizX cards to pay you same as they can pay with other debit or credit cards. We strongly recommend that you accept BizX Card in your locations, allowing new customers to find your business and spend with ease. Learn how to add BizX Card to your POS.

8. Accepting BizX Gift Certificates:  If your business sells gift certificates through BizX, this icon will show up.

9. You may contact store directly:  This icon indicates that BizX members can contact you if they are interested in your products or services. If you don’t want to be contacted, send an email to and we’ll set it up to “Contact BizX first”.

10. Store serves other businesses primarily:  This information will determine if your store shows up as serves other businesses, consumes or both. 

11. Phone number & website address:  Your primary phone number and website that will be visible to other members.

12. Open hours: This information pulls directly from Google.

13. Owner:  Your primary contact.