Creating an offer on the BizX Marketplace is the best way to increase your BizX profits. You can list a general information about your business with contact info and/or products and services with a set price. We encourage our members to list as much as they can as this gives them a bigger presence on our marketplace, allowing the community to see what you have to offer.

Check out this short video walking you through the steps:

For those of us who like the written step by steps, please keep reading!

You‘ll need the following information:

  • Detailed description of your product / service or company summary
  • Product info such as quantity, price, expiration date
  • Up to 5 (but no fewer than 2) high resolution images of your product / service or your company logo
  • Once armed with this information, you are ready to go. Go to and log-in to your account. Click on the My Store tab and then go to the bottom of the screen where there is a box titled “Add New Offer”. Click on the box. From there you have two options: listings or buy it now.

Listings: General information about your company and the services you offer.

Buy It Now/Offers: Set priced products or services that our members can add to their shopping carts and buy by checking out (Please note: You will be notified via e-mail when someone has purchased your product or service, along with instructions about how to complete an online order).

Once you have selected either listing or buy it now, you will have a few steps to complete.

  • The first page is information. Here you will enter the title of your listing, detailed description, special conditions and any other necessary info such as quantity/price/etc. You can also define if your offer is applicable for B2B, consumers or both.
  • Choose the address for the offer. If your offer is available online only, choose 'BizX Marketplace'.
  • After you click next, you will see a variety of categories. You can select the categories that are appropriate for your company industry or product/service type.
  • After selecting your categories, click next and you will see where you can upload photos. Please upload as many (up to 5) photos as you can, especially if it is a specific product or service. For photo editing/resizing, you can use Pixlr, a free online photo editing tool.
  • The last thing you will need to do is select a status for your offer. This is on the same page as the photo upload. It will automatically go to ‘Draft’, which tells our staff that you are still working on this offer and do not want it to be posted live. If you are finished with your offer, change the status to ‘Awaiting Approval’. This will then go back to our staff to edit and then approve to be live on the marketplace.

Voila! You are done and can expect to see your product live and on the BizX Marketplace within 48 hours.

You can go back to your store at any time and edit your current offers. Follow the steps above to get to your store and then you will see all of your offers listed. Select the offer you would like to edit and then click the ‘Edit’ button.