All business members may apply for a BizX Credit Line. Please contact Member Support or your main contact to discuss a possible Line of Credit. BizX management will decide what credit line, if any, will be extended and reserves the right to extend, revoke, increase, or decrease credit lines at their discretion and without notice. 

The amount of your credit line will be based on considerations such as our expectations for your BizX business within the network, market demand for your product or service, your trading history within the exchange, and your cash fee payment history. BizX may also (at our sole discretion) run a credit rating to determine credit worthiness before granting a BizX Credit Line for both new and current member accounts. 

BizX also requires a signed Personal Guarantee to accompany each BizX Credit Line application. Members are permitted to spend up to but not exceed their line of credit. Contact BizX with questions regarding your credit line.

Perks Members are not eligible for credit lines at this time.