We're sure you'd like to track your BizX business easily and accurately every day.  Here are the steps needed to add BizX as a payment method on your POS.

Many restaurants and retail locations prefer to use their POS to track BizX transactions rather than using a BizX slip.  Here is how you can set this up on your system.

  • Create a new Tender.  Name it "BizX". 
    • Ensure that you have a signature line.
    • Exempt this tender from Auto Gratuity.
    • Remove the tip line, if possible.
  • Add a required "Reference" field.  This will allow you to enter in the BizX card number.
  • Create a report for all Tender = BizX.
    • Ensure the report itemizes out each transaction.
    • Ensure the reference field and the amount shows for each transaction.

Restaurant use case:

Accepting the BizX Card

  1. BizX buyer comes into the restaurant and would like to pay with BizX.
  2. They give the server a BizX card at the time of purchase.
  3. The server takes the BizX card and goes to the POS and opens up the bill.
  4. The server chooses "BizX" as the tender and enters the BizX card number into the "Reference" field and it completes the bill as paid.
  5. Two receipts print - one for the restaurant and one for the buyer.
  6. The buyer signs the receipt for the restaurant and keeps the second copy.
  7. The server then takes the signed receipt and puts it in the drawer.

Gratuity paid via Credit Card

To accept credit card for gratuity, use the credit card first and pay $0.01 of the bill on the credit card.  Process the remainder of the transaction on the BizX card.

Processing the Transaction

The manager then processes the transaction at my.bizx.com using either the report or the signed slips at the end of the shift.  The transactions are not automatically processed!  Here's a link on how to process transactions.

The manager then stores the slips in case there is a future disputed transaction.

If you need help with specifics for your POS, please contact your representative for your POS provider.  They should easily be able to set it up or send you the user manual to show you how to do it yourself.



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