Congratulations on receiving Perks by BizX! You should have received an email from BizX announcing the new account for you. It contains a link where you'll sign into the BizX Marketplace to complete your user profile and once that's done, you can start shopping!

There are a couple details that you'll need to complete to finalize the setup. BizX will need you to provide your mailing address, your Social Security Number and you'll be required to enter a valid credit card number with full details. Don't worry though - our system is encrypted so no one is able to view this information - our own staff will only be able to see the last 4 digits of both numbers.

I'm sure you're wondering why we need this information. Well, your Perks by BizX are considered earned income, and as such, are reportable to the IRS annually. It may be that your employer will report these earnings, and you'll see that on your annual W-9 form as part of your total reportable wages. It may be that your employer has elected that you will personally be responsible for reporting this income to the IRS when you file taxes. You'll want to consult a tax professional before filing your taxes.

Lastly, we do need your credit card with full details. Rest assured though, that we won't charge anything to the card unless you over-spend your available balance (after checking with your employer to see if they'll put another deposit into your account). If you do over-spend, we would charge the card for the difference between what's available and what's owed. The only other time we'll charge the card would be for shipping charges if you order items from the BizX Products and Tickets or BizX Gift Certificates Marketplace Store. We'll always give you the option of picking those items up from our office, but if you want them shipped, we'll charge the shipping to your card.