Perks accounts are the separate employee/family member accounts that a parent account sets up. Only contacts with full permissions on a parent account can add money to a Perk account.  

If you are the primary contact or a contact with all permissions, you can log in to your account at Once logged in, go to the My Account button near the top of the screen (by your account balance). Select Perk accounts and you will see information about Perks by BizX come up on your screen. Under rePLAY CARD, you will see three options.  However you will only need two of them: open account and fund account.

To deposit more funds into a perk account, select ‘Fund account’. From there, you will be able to see all of the perks accounts open under your parent account. You can input the amount that you want to give and click ‘Add’. The funds will then be debited out of the parent account and deposited into the perk account. Your normal transaction fees will apply.