We're glad to hear you're ready to share the power of BizX with your employees, family or friends. You can use this great benefit to show them your appreciation, give bonuses or awards, or to supplement their compensation packages. It's easy to get started with just a few basic pieces of information. You'll need your employee's first and last name and their email address.

Follow these simple steps. 

  • Log into your BizX account
  • Find the Send/Request BizX tab and choose the Perks Accounts drop down
  • You'll see options for your Active accounts, Open new account and Send invites. Choose Open new Account.
  • Enter the employee’s personal information for each account you want to open, along with the initial deposit you want to make to the account.


What about Taxes and IRS Reporting?

If you choose to be responsible for reporting the tax information to the IRS for your employees, be sure to check the box "Please do not send a 1099-B", but if you want the recipient to be responsible for reporting earnings themselves, check the last option.


Be sure to agree to the Terms of Service, then click on "SEND".


Here's a link to the Perks by BizX page with lots of great information.

Don't delay - share the power of Perks today!