Pay Anyone is a function that was created specifically for the BizX App. You can now pay seamlessly as a buyer in and accept payment as a seller. Pay members by email, card number and location.


There are two ways to Pay Anyone:

1. Go to the “PAY” page. Enter the amount, choose the recipient, and note the purpose of the payment. You can enter the member’s email, card number, or find search “nearby.” The member will show up if they are enrolled in Pay Anyone and are in close proximity. 

2. Find a member in the app. Find the store page of your target member and press “PAY NOW”. You’ll be redirected to the “PAY” page, where the field “To” will automatically populate with that member's name. Enter the amount and a description of what it is for, then click "PAY." A confirmation email will be sent to both you and the seller. 



Learn how to enroll in Pay Anyone here.