The search algorithm uses the category, industry and keywords used in ALL of your business’s offers. Meaning, if you are a restaurant that has some extra furniture for sale on the marketplace, you’re restaurant will show up furniture category because of that offer for the furniture as well as the restaurant category. In this example, your restaurant will also show up in any search results that contain keywords in the furniture product listing.


To view or change any of these, log in to the BizX Marketplace and go to the “my store” tab. Open your business offers and make sure you have a complete and accurate description of what your business does and a filled in keywords section on the first page of the offer creation wizard.


On the second page of the wizard, make sure to check the appropriate category that apply to your business to further improve your business’s search results. Keep it to a maximum of three categories, and be sure that you select the most detailed sub-category that applies.