The best way to get the most visibility on your Marketplace listings is by using a few simple keywords so that memebers can find your products on the Marketplace. 

Before getting started you will need the following:
-Up to 5 high resolution images of your product
-Your product price, including tax
-A detailed, compelling  product description 

-Simple Keywords

  1. Once you have these things, mouse over the My Store tab and select add new offer to get started. On the first page you will have the option to create a "listing" or a "buy it now" offer, in this post we will focusing on both options. 
  2. Next you will be taken to the offer/listing setup wizard.  Fill in things such as your product title and description, price with tax, website and quantity available for products, and product title and description, and keywords for listings.
  3. In the Keywords section, limit your keywords to 3 - 6 simple words that best describe your products/services. For example, If you are a florist, your keywords would be "flowers, florist, floral." 

Important Things to Note About Keywords:

-Keywords should be simple

-Too many words do more harm than good. It is easy to make the assumption that the more keywords, the better. When in reality, it can harm you. For example, when someone is looking up "Flowers" or a florist, but only clothing items show up. This is because a member who sells clothing who is selling a shirt with a flower pattern on it, for example, put "flowers" as a keyword, rather than "shirt" as they should have, and everyone searching for flowers can only see clothing, jewelry, etc. It threatens the integrity of BizX, and though the clothing store member will show up often, shoppers will be frustrated and stop shopping altogether.  

Proceed with submitting your listing/offer and click on the finish button after you've elected to "save as a draft" or "submit for approval".