Making sure you're visible on the BizX Mobile App is a great way to put the power of BizX at your fingertips.  Here's some tips to help make sure your business displays on the app.

  1. Ensure your BizX Marketplace Store is set up correctly.  It's easy to do, and takes just a few quick steps to complete.  Make sure you associate all your locations with your BizX store and that your Store has both a banner (450x250 pixel size) and logo (227x200 pixel size).  There are some free web-based programs to help you resize your photos to make sure you get it right the first time.  Pixlr is easy to use, even for novices!
  2. Once your Store is set up, it's time to stock it!  Create as many offers as you have products or services to sell, then simply associate those offers with your store location(s).

It's that easy!  As soon as your Store, locations, and at least one offer or listing is approved, you'll be visible to the entire BizX community.

Here's an example:

Thai Ginger has a Store on the BizX Marketplace, with a name, logo, photo (banner) and description.  They have 5 locations associated with their store, each representing a separate restaurant location.

They also have an approved offer on the Marketplace, associated with all five store locations.   

This means Thai Ginger will be visible on the BizX Mobile App, and will be easy for members to find so we can deliver on our promise to "get you more and new customers".