We want you to be successful and grow your business and will do our part to ensure you have opportunities to get your products and services in front of all our members and even to various partner networks across the country and around the world. 

We'll walk you through setting up your BizX Store on our Marketplace so other members can easily find you.  We'll talk with you about how much business you want and will work together on a plan that will help you reach that target.  If you think of your Marketplace Store as your brick and mortar location trust me, it helps.  The better your store looks, the more business you're likely to attract.  Consider creating multiple offers - switch it up from time to time and make it as easy as possible for other members to do business with you.

BizX sponsors several events throughout the year for members to attend and mingle with one another.  These are amazing opportunities for you to network and promote yourself to our members.  These events will always be announced to you by email and will be advertised on the Marketplace.  

BizX has marketing resources dedicated to showcasing members each week.  Let us know you're looking for business and we'll try to get you included in one of those email promotions.