We've got some resourceful members!  Brian with WOW Chocolates has shared this tip on how to ring BizX payments through Square.  This will sure make on the spot transactions quick and easy with little "back end" follow up.

  1. Ring up the sale
  2. Select payment method "Other"
  3. Select "Other" again
  4. Record the first 7 digits of the BizX card holder and their name
  5. Press the "Tender" button

This seller then use Quickbooks Online and the "Sync with Square" app to automatically import the Square transactions into Quickbooks.  The "Other" payment type will display in "Undeposited Funds" as "Square CUSTOM Payment".  Deposit the transactions to your BizX bank account in Quickbooks.  The final step is to then process the corresponding transactions by logging onto My.BizX.Com and running the individual transactions.

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