Yes, you have the opportunity to respond to all ratings that you have received. You can do this by navigating to Ratings and Reviews under the My Store tab, then clicking on Members Have Rated My Company. Here, you can either share a response publicly or email the buyer directly. It is important to note that your name will be visible with the review. At any time, you have the ability to edit your response. Once your response is submitted, the buyer will be notified through email.

Responding personally to any member who leaves a review is a great way to learn, build goodwill and expand your personal connections within the network. Always proceed with caution, keeping in mind how easily emails can be misunderstood or that tone doesn't always translate well. It's best to keep your response simple and to the point and if you can, mention any changes implemented based on the member's review. This will go a long way toward earning their trust and loyalty. 

Check out this link for responding to negative reviews.