Have you hired a weekly cleaning service or signed up for a monthly gym membership and don't want the hassle of remembering to pay that bill every time?  BizX can help!

BizX has options for recurring payments via your account at My.BizX.com.  The buyer has full control over setting these up and can cancel them at any time, just as you would with your banking institution!  Before you get started, you will need the Seller's account number.

To set up a recurring payment, there are 3 easy steps:

  • From your account at My.BizX.com, hover over "Transactions" and click on "Recurring Transactions"
  • Click on the "+Add Recurring Payment" blue box on the right side
  • Enter in the information requested and submit

It's that easy!

Once you have recurring payments set up, you can manage them from the "Recurring Transactions" page.

If you have any questions on how this process works or need help, please reach out to Member Support at 425-998-5055 or help@bizx.com and we are happy to answer any questions you may have.