As the buyer, you have full control over your recurring payments that have been set up.  No longer need that cleaning service or gym membership?   Did the price of your monthly SEO services change? In a few simple steps, you can make these edits or changes from your account at

  • From your account at, hover over "Transactions" and click on "Recurring Transactions"
  • Under the Recurring Payments section, click on the pencil icon to edit or the trashcan icon to delete
  • If you want to edit, you can edit the payment amount only.  To change frequency, you will need to set up a new recurring payment.
  • If you want to delete, you will get an "Are you sure" confirmation box to accept the deletion

If you have any questions on how this process works or need help, please reach out to Member Support at 425-998-5055 or and we are happy to answer any questions you may have.