At BizX, it's all about the community! This feature is a great example of where community feedback has changed the way we do business. 

Previously, any BizX member could leave a rating and review for any other BizX member, their products or services. We are implementing a new rating and review feature, moving away from rating offers and instead are focusing on rating the seller. We've also added a feature where the seller can respond to a rating or review! Here's an overview of this new enhancement for the BizX community.

  • Only members who have made a purchase from a seller can leave a rating and, if desired, can include a written review of that seller (learn how).
  • Once per month, buying members will receive an email from BizX inviting them to rate and review any of the members with which they've recently transacted. Buyers can leave a star rating, as well as an optional review of their experience with the seller.
  • Buyers will only be able to review a seller once each month, regardless the number of times they've transacted with the seller.
  • If a seller gets a rating of 3 stars or below, BizX Member Care will be notified to assist.

Isn't it great when a seller you've done business with in the past acknowledges your review, and even responds to it on the website? We've added that feature as well! Sellers can respond to a rating or review left for them - only once per review though (learn how). And this is the cool bit - we've also included a feature where a buyer can then go back and edit their original rating or review. They can even choose to "hide" it. The seller can edit their response too.  This feature will be key - we all know sellers want to retain loyal customers, and by being able to respond to a customer's experience, can fix any issues that may have gone awry, creating a great customer experience. Well, that's what we're counting on.

These new enhancements are just the first step in providing our community with the resources you've asked for. We'll be making updates and improvements over time. If you have suggestions to improve the website be sure to let us know by emailing!