We recommend you give some thoughtful consideration to what you want to sell to other BizX members.  In addition to the products or services your business is known for, don't be afraid to think "outside the box" and include items that aren't necessarily things you typically sell, but could be excess inventory you've been storing and would like to get paid for.  For example, you might be a furniture company that has a quality treadmill sitting in the corner you no longer use.  List it.  Sell it!  

Do you have a second home or vacation home you'd like to fill during off-season?  Call us today to talk about that.  We'd love to help you get it listed and marketed - our travel department gets requests daily for destinations across the country and world.  Let's work together to keep your rental filled up.  Do you have a painting crew with an idle day?  Let's get them on a job!  Your offers are limited only by your available inventory or capacity. If you have an empty table in your restaurant, let's fill it!   

If you have inventory you want to sell, create a Buy it Now offer for each piece.  If you offer services, for instance, an air conditioning seasonal tune-up, list it!  

Does your company sell gift certificates?  Let us know and we'll talk with you about buying some on consignment, and we'll offer them on the Marketplace right away.

Call 425-998-5055 or email Member Support at help@bizx.com to talk about the many ways you can sell your products and services today.