Creating a marketplace offer on the BizX Marketplace is incredibly easy and the best way to increase your BizX profits. 

Before getting started you will need the following

  • Up to 5 high resolution images of your offer
  • Minimum size for images is 520 x 520 pixels
  • Your offer price, including tax
  • A detailed offer description

Take a look at the video for a quick overview:

 Here are the written step by step instructions: 

        First,  mouse over the My Business tab and select My Marketplace Offer. Then click on "+ Add Marketplace" to get started.

  1. You will have the option to create an "offer" or a "classified" in this post we will focus on the "offer" option.
  2. Next you will be taken to the "offer" creation page. Fill in things such as your offer title and description, price with tax, website and quantity available.
  3. Select the categories your offer will show up under
  4. Enter appropriate keywords which help in search for your offers
  5. Upload high resolution pictures of your offer
  6. Select a location of your offer and point of contact
  7. Select market based on your offer and location selected in step 5
  8. To submit to BizX team for approval, click "submit" or click to "save as a draft" for future approval submission

Voila!  You are done and can expect to see your offer live and on the BizX Marketplace within 48 hours.