Canceling a Transaction

Did you accidentally charge someone the wrong amount? Did you want to refund a transaction for reasons such as returning product, customer satisfaction or similar reasons?

In order to reverse a transaction, BizX must receive notification from the seller to process the reversal. If you are the seller and you would like to reverse or refund BizX to your seller, here is how you do that. 

Send an email to In this email, please send the following information: 

• Your Company Name and BizX Number
• The Buyer Name and BizX Number
• The amount that needs to be reversed
• The Authorization/Transaction ID associated with this transaction
• The date of the original transaction
• The reason for the reversal (Mistake, Invoice Adjustment or Returned/Cancelled Order)

Processing reversals can take up to 48 hours.

If you are a buyer and think that your account has been charged erroneously, then please refer to 
“I Want To Dispute a Transaction“.