BizX has created a way to link multiple accounts!  Now you can see a snapshot of each account and toggle back and forth between accounts without having to log out and remember multiple user ID's and passwords.

How do I link multiple accounts?

  • Grant permissions to link and/or view linked accounts to the appropriate users
  • Link accounts using appropriate user name, email and Tax ID
  • Log in to check it out!

Step 1: Permissions (for Account Admins)

  • You can find the permissions under "Users & Cards" in the drop down under "Your Account"
  • Find the User you want to give the Linking Accounts permissions to and click "Edit"
    • There are 2 permissions: One to view the accounts that have been linked but does not have access to link the accounts.  The "Can Add/Delete/Approve link accounts" is the Admin function to create the link.

Step 2: Linking Accounts

  • To link the accounts, you will need the User name(s), email(s) and tax ID(s) of the account you are wanting to link
  • Under "Your Account", click on"Link Accounts".  Only users you have given permission to link accounts will see this option.
  • Click on "+Add Link Account" and fill in the fields for the account you want to link to, click "Link Accounts" when done.
  • The user who you linked will get an email verifying this information.  They will need to log in to accept this request.  Once confirmed, the linking happens automatically.

Step 3: Magic!

  • Log back into the main account, you will now have an option to select either of the accounts
  • To toggle back and forth between accounts once you have logged in, use the toggle icon at the top right hand corner of the page to choose which account to see

Linking accounts can be unidirectional or bidirectional depending on your needs.  If you do not do the 'reverse' link and log into your secondary account, you will not see the option for the main account or the toggle icon.  An example where this might be useful is if you have multiple accounts where a manager oversees some, but not all, accounts.