Creating an offer on the BizX Marketplace is incredibly easy and the best way to increase your BizX profits. We teamed up with long time BizX Member and laptop bag and case maker, Brenthaven, to demonstrate just how quick and easy it is.

Setting up Your BizX Store is Both Quick and Easy  

Before getting started you will need the following-

  • Up to 5 high resolution images of your product
  • Your product price, including tax
  • A detailed product description


Once you have these things, mouse over the My Store tab and select add new offer to get started.

  1. On the first page you will have the option to create a "listing" or a "buy it now" offer, in this post we will focus on the "buy it now" option.
  2. Next you will be taken to the offer setup wizard.  Fill in things such as your product title and description, price with tax, website and quantity available.
  3. On the next page you will select locations to market and the categories your product will show up under.
  4. The last page is where you upload any pictures or video of your products. 
  5. To finish, click on the finish button after you've elected to "save as a draft" or "submit for approval".

Voila!  You are done and can expect to see your product live and on the BizX Marketplace within 48 hours.