You have enough on your plate without having to worry about your businesses day-to-day transactions. That's why we've simplified it so you can process a transaction quickly and easily.

You can print our Transaction Guide and keep it by your POS for quick reference!

Check out the video below to see how simple it really is.

Transactions processed through the Marketplace are instantaneous, so the funds are in your account and ready to use as soon as you enter the details.

Payment through the Marketplace

  • Click on the transaction tab, and after logging in, you will be presented with the charge a card window.
  • Enter the first 7 digits of the customers card, the total amount and in the notes section add the service or product provided or invoice number.
  • Clicking add completes the process.  You'll see a confirmation page and if you look at your balance in the upper right hand corner, you'll notice the funds are now in your account.

It's just one simple way we're helping small businesses.

Payment by Phone 

To use the phone authorization line, call 1 (800) 705-BIZX (2499) and press 1 for authorizations. You will need to have the following information for the prompts:

  •  First 7 digits of the BizX Card number 
  •  Your 5 digit BizX Account Number 
  •  The transaction dollar amount including cents 

Follow the prompts and the system will give you a transaction/authorization number. This number is your confirmation that the funds have transferred from their account to yours.

If the card is declined or expired, please get an alternate form of payment and email to request an override. If we cannot process the override, you will need the alternative form of payment to ensure payment.

It is important to have proof of payment authorization from an authorized user on the buyer’s account before processing payments. This can be in the form of a BizX authorization slip, a signed receipt, a signed invoice or an email confirming you are authorized to charge their account for the specified amount. If a dispute were to arise in the future and you do not have this proof of payment authorization then all disputed transactions will be reversed.

Payment by using the BizX App

With BizX App, you can pay as a buyer in addition to the two other options outlined above.  
  • Find a BizX member, use their services and ask them for their email address or card number. 
  • Open the app, click "pay" and fill in the amount and contact info. Make a note what are you paying for and click send. All this info will be stored in your transaction history. Note this isn't for sellers to accept payment by email but rather the buyer to pay the seller - no authorization slips required! 

If a member is enrolled in BizX Pay, you can find him in the app and send him BizX dollars without asking for his email or card number. Just choose a member and click "Pay now". Learn how to enroll in BizX Pay here.

Payment by emailing Member Care

Send transactions into our  Member Care team by emailing  All transactions should be submitted in the following format.  Make sure you have either the BizX Account Number you are charging, or their BizX Account Name.

  • Buyer's Account Name/Number
  • Seller's Account Name/Number
  • Transaction Amount
  • Invoice Number or Statement Note